Devin O’Neill

Lindsay Lohan is back and gracing Bustle’s latest cover. The millennial icon sat down for a conversation about her life and career with a very special interviewer: herself...Read more

  • Multitudes

  • "I am large, I contain multitudes" - Walt Whitman

  • Wrote, produced, and starred
  • 2019

#1: Lucy discusses, with herself, if anyone noticed her crying in the middle of the office.

#2: Will discusses, with himself, if anyone noticed his zipper was down.

#3: Becca discusses, with herself, if she should ask out Kyle!!!

#4: Ali discusses, with herself, if her boss actually heard (or smelled) her fart.


Written by Devin O’Neill and Kristina Grosspietsch
Directed by: Lanee’ Sanders 
DP: Patrick Nichols 
AD: Michelle Hess 
Sound: Dave Delisle 
Production Team: Caroline Castro, Danielle Wessler and Jen Padget
Edited by: Johnathan Ross
Music: FWayne Jones, Grooming by Text Me Records, Distance by Anno Domino Beats